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DSA Genesis - a Character Editor for "The Dark Eye"

An un-offical Character Creation Tool for the German "The Dark Eye" ("Das Schwarze Auge") Pen & Paper RPG using DSA4.1 ruleset.

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This page is currently a WIP page to implement and test the download and update process for DSA Genesis.

The real content: coming soon...

Requirements: Java 1.7_25+ with JavaFX 2.2+
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Open Source (MIT License)


The actual download is only for testing the update module! Nothing more!

Stable Release:

Not available yet.

Experimental Release:

Right-click and choose Save As if your browser doesn't offer you the option.

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„DAS SCHWARZE AUGE, AVENTURIEN, DERE, MYRANOR, THARUN, UTHURIA und RIESLAND sind eingetragene Marken der Significant Fantasy Medienrechte GbR. Ohne vorherige schriftliche Genehmigung der Ulisses Medien und Spiel Distribution GmbH ist eine Verwendung der genannten Markenzeichen nicht gestattet.“